• 70% Annual Fee Discount

    Promotional Reduced Retail Annual Fee Encouraging Newbies or Beginners to reap the benefits of Club Membership. Intent to offer at minimal cost the opportunity to join a unique club which reduces the cost, effort and time invested in the development of Internet marketing expertise.

  • Marketing Strategy & Tips Tutorial

    Alarmingly, the Industry has a very high failure rate for companies and individuals whom attempt to develop and then execute the neccessary marketing expertise to achieve success online. Failure to combat the pitfalls and execute a successful Internet Marketing plan before investment could be costly. This experience led video tutorial addresses this area and considered priceless.

  • Marketing Bonus E-Books

    Members develop expertise fast through the use of a select set of quality Internet Marketing Strategy E-Books (Personal Use Only). Each valued at between $27 and $47. A combined benefit value on excess of $200.

  • Gifts, Offers & Tips

    We constantly aim to over deliver by providing members regular FREE (Personal Use Only) Internet marketing gifts promoted via an exclusive iMe-Club Email Newsletter Service & Facebook Group. The Industry moves fast and as such we also take the opportunity to promote select iMe-Club and third party recommended offers and tips to subscribers.

  • Done-for-You (DFY) Service

    Delivered by successful, approved and authorized PRO Members. These include but not limited to Consultation, Coaching, Fullt Managed & Hosted Marketing Solutions & Systems. A unique approach designed to help members grow their business and profits fast.

  • Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Solutions

    Portfolio of select Marketing tools and to help members advance their Internet Marketing Expertise, Services and Solution offers. These recommendations are proven and used by PRO Members for their own business and to deliver tailored DFY Services to fellow member clients.

Membership Conditions & Fee Options

  • NO GUARANTEE  as to Any Desired Member Outcome from Membership
  • MEMBERSHIP CONTENT provided ‘AS IS‘ and Licensed for Use by Authorized Parties
  • CANCELLATION. Failure to pay Membership Fees due shall result in Membership Cancellation to the Club & All iMe Programs and Any Unpaid Commissions being revoked
  • CLIENT AGREES by making a Purchase to All Terms and Conditions
  • REFUND POLICY. As a General Rule We DO NOT Offer Refunds.

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